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Front-mount UTV adapter Segway Villain SX10

Front-mount UTV adapter Segway Villain SX10

Code: 03.13400

Brand:  IB

Make:  Segway

Model:  Villain SX10

Material:  Steel

Surface:  Powder coated

Weight:  17.86 lbs

Product dimensions:  480 x 270 x 215 mm

Packed dimensions:  510 x 410 x 160 mm


Segway Villain SX10 model specific mounting kit for heavy duty UTV front-mount plow system.

Adapter is compatible with 20.6200 push tubes and also the heavy duty UTV front mount push tubes p/n 20.7400 and 34.4000 UTV front mount V-Plow push tubes - and the product kits (buckets, plow- and V-Plow kits etc) that include this specific UTV push tube in a kit.


    • Mounting adapter to use with front mount push tubes p/n: 20.7400 or 20.6200 or 34.4000
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