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Performance Wheel Bearing – Demon Powersports

Performance Wheel Bearing – Demon Powersports

  • Steel Shielded and rubber sealed for optimal dust and mud resistance.
  • Injected with high performance grease.
  • Precisely manufactured with heavy duty steel for direct OEM replacement.
  • High speed bearing
  • Labyrinth Seal

Made from heavy duty steel with double material sealing design (Rubber and Steel) to improve the dust and mud resistance.



2019CFMotoCFORCE 800 XC CF800AU-2A
2019CFMotoUFORCE 1000 CF1000UU
2020CFMotoCFORCE 800 XC CF800AU-2A
2020CFMotoUFORCE 1000 CF1000UU
2020CFMotoZFORCE 950 Sport CF1000US-A
2021CFMotoCFORCE 1000
2021CFMotoCFORCE 800 XC CF800AU-2A
2021CFMotoUFORCE 1000 CF1000UU
2021CFMotoUFORCE 600
2021CFMotoZFORCE 950 Sport CF1000US-A
2022CFMotoCFORCE 1000 Overland CF1000AU
2022CFMotoCFORCE 800 XC CF800AU-2A
2022CFMotoUFORCE 1000 CF1000UU
2022CFMotoUFORCE 1000 XL CF1000UZ-2
2022CFMotoUFORCE 600
2022CFMotoUFORCE 600 CF600UU
2022CFMotoZFORCE 950 HO EX CF1000SZ-D
2022CFMotoZFORCE 950 HO Sport CF1000SZ-E
2022CFMotoZFORCE 950 Sport CF1000US-A
2023CFMotoCFORCE 1000 CF1000AZ
2023CFMotoCFORCE 800 XC CF800AZ-2A
2023CFMotoUFORCE 1000 CF1000UZ
2023CFMotoUFORCE 1000 XL CF1000UZ-2
2023CFMotoUFORCE 600 CF600UZ
2023CFMotoZFORCE 800 Trail CF800SZ-2
2023CFMotoZFORCE 950 HO EX CF1000SZ-D
2023CFMotoZFORCE 950 HO Sport CF1000SZ-E
2023CFMotoZFORCE 950 Sport (G2) CF1000SZ-3A
2023CFMotoZFORCE 950 Trail (G2) CF1000SZ-3
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