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Receiver Mount System (electro-hydraulic)

Receiver Mount System (electro-hydraulic)






Powder coated


62.39 lbs

Packed dimensions:

1500 x 290 x 220 mm

Receiver hitch system is a device mounted into a 2" receiver that different tools can be attached to for soil preparation, cleaning or landscaping work.

Setting the transportation position and work depth position is done with 12V electrohydraulic cylinder (manual lifting mechanism version also available, p/n 84.1000).

Electrically adjustable receiver hitch system kit 84.1050 consist of parts 84.1000 + 70.500 + 70.2500

Available tools to use it with:

Disc harrow (p/n 84.2000)
Rear plow (p/n 84.3000)
Cultivator (p/n 84.4000)
Landscape rake (p/n 84.5000)
Harrow (p/n 84.7000)
Two bottom plow (p/n 84.9000)
Single bottom plow (p/n 84.10000)
Potato digger (p/n 84.11000)
Push broom (p/n 84.12000)

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