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Receiver Mount System (manual)

Receiver Mount System (manual)






Powder coated


62.83 lbs

Packed dimensions:

1490 x 290 x 230 mm

Receiver hitch system is a device mounted into a 2" receiver that different tools can be attached to for soil preparation, cleaning or landscaping work.

Setting the transportation position and work depth position is done with a manual lifting mechanism (electric version also available, p/n 84.1050 or just add to 84.1000 the electric cylinder 70.500 and wiring/switch kit 70.2500).

Available tools to use it with:

Disc harrow (p/n 84.2000)
Rear plow (p/n 84.3000)
Cultivator (p/n 84.4000)
Landscape rake (p/n 84.5000)
Harrow (p/n 84.7000)
Two bottom plow (p/n 84.9000)
Single bottom plow (p/n 84.10000)
Potato digger (p/n 84.11000)
Push broom (p/n 84.12000)



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