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Clutch kit (STAGE 3 trail) CFMOTO UFORCE 1000 Code: 80.6200

Clutch kit (STAGE 3 trail) CFMOTO UFORCE 1000 Code: 80.6200

Brand:      IB

Make:      CFMOTO

Model:    UFORCE 1000 (-2021)

                  UFORCE 1000 (2022+)

                  UFORCE 1000 XL (2022+)

Weight:  1.87 lbs

Packed dimensions:   240 x 170 x 90 mm


Stage 3 kit is the best choice that you can get for Your UTV.
Upgraded helix, as included with out Stage 3 kits, is the most important part for controlling CVT upshifting and downshifting.
With the right Stage 3 kit for your use, you can get the best performance and the best riding experience.

Stage 3 "TRAIL" kit for tires 25”-28”

• Our most popular, best all-around use kit helps to transfer the engine power better to the wheel

• BEST for trail riding, occasional mud and sand riding, plowing and hauling.

• Smoother engagement!

• The lower part of Helix will let you drive at low speed with higher rpm and therefore gives you more HP and Torque to the wheels.

• The higher part of the helix is designed to give more, more and more upshifting with the same rate as your engine is making more power!

• Better acceleration and overall feeling.

• Quicker backshift which results in crisp throttle response!

• Reduces belt slip and heat.

• If you are not sure what kit to choose, then TRAIL kit is what you want.

The kit has gone through long testing period – including real life driving tests as well as the dynamometer tests - before this specific sеtup combination chosen to go with this vehicle model / variator combination - the outcome you have here is the best and safest sеtup choice for you and your vehicle.


    • Stage 3 'TRAIL' kit for tires 25”-28”
    • Excellent for trail riding.
    • Clutch holding tool p/n 80.1700 also recommended to get with this order.
    • Clutch compression tool p/n 80.400 also recommended to get with this order.
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