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Clutch kit / Variator upgrade (STAGE 2) CFORCE 625

Clutch kit / Variator upgrade (STAGE 2) CFORCE 625






CFORCE 625 (-2022)

CFORCE 625 (2023+)

CFORCE 625 Touring (-2022)

CFORCE 625 Touring (2023+)


1.54 lbs

Packed dimensions:

240 x 170 x 100 mm.

Stage 2 Clutch kit is for big and / or heavy tyres ( 28-32") and for mudding.

Stage 2 kit also includes secondary clutch spring (p/n 80.1000) from May 2022

Designed for mud riding with aggressive lug tires
Helps restore power loss due to addition of mud tires
Better low end power and torque to get tires turning in the mud
Quicker backshift which results in crisp throttle response
Reduced belt slip and clutch heat

The kit has gone through long testing period – including real life driving tests as well as the dynamometer tests - before this specific sеtup combination chosen to go with this vehicle model / variator combination - the outcome you have here is the best and safest sеtup choice for you and your vehicle.

The latest updated kit - available from us - also includes the detailed adjustment information based on your vehicle specs (e.g. tyre size) or the conditions used - considering the outside temperatures and if used for fast road driving or slower, work use.

Using this kit will not increase the vehicle´s top speed (use stage 3 kit p/n 80.1300 for wheelies & top speed)

    • Stage 2 is for big tyres ( 28-32') and for mud riding.
    • The variator spring preload can be adjusted in 12 different ways and for the best result for your use you should test several options.
    • Kit also includes upgrade secondary clutch spring.
    • Kit includes detailed adjustments information based on the vehicles specs and conditions of use and parts to adjust it accordingly.
    • Clutch holding tool p/n 80.1700 also recommended to get with this order.
    • Clutch compression tool p/n 80.400 also recommended to get with this order.
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