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ECU Tuning

ECU Tuning

Unlock your vehicles performance with a ECU flash from MONSTER FUEL INJECTION.

 We can tailor your machine to your ride style and unlock its full potential by changing various files in the ECU. Providing more power and increased response from the machine.

 Programming and ECU shipping can take several days to complete, this is not a copy and paste tune. We build programs specifically for you.

  • ECU Shipping

    Please send your ECU unit to JWT Powersports @

    9799 Stone Rd NE

    Moses Lake, WA 98837

    Once we receive your ECU we will flash it and mail it back to your provided address.

  • Vehicle Information Required

    Year    Make    Model   VIN#

    Current Modifications/Future modifications

    Main Uses  Mud-Trail-Work-Track Racing-Drag Racing-Sand Desert

    Fuel Tuner?

    Fuel Adjusted for   87-91-100+

    This information is Required

    More specific information may be requested by JWT for tuning purposes


  • Please Call BEFORE you Order

    Please give us a call here at JWT Powersports, (509) 350-9283, to go over info needed for the ECU flash before you place your order. Levi would be more than happy to get you the best tune for your riding style!

Excluding Sales Tax
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