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Land roller

Land roller






Powder coated

Working width:

1500 mm


332.9 lbs

Product dimensions:

2150 x 1675 x 475 mm / 2300 x 1675 x 475 mm (with carrier wheels)

Packed dimensions:

1770 x 720 x 780 mm.

Land roller / field roller is used for levelling the fields and thickening the ground / soil after seed planting or rolling and levelling the grass fields.


  • Can be used as a tow behind tool with the ATV, truck, garden tractor, small loader/lifter etc.
  • Roller diameter 475mm.
  • Wide offroad tyres 22x11-8” (optional).
  • Rotating hitch coupling for 50 mm / 2' hitch ball.
  • Optional transporting carrier wheels (p/n 57.2050) and 'turn over' construction for quick and easy transport position.
  • Roller drum can be filled with water to gain extra weight (+260kg).
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