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Plastic plow blade 1520mm / 60in

Plastic plow blade 1520mm / 60in

Code: 20.7700

Brand:  IB

Material:  Steel / Plastic

Surface:  Powder coated

Weight:  69 lbs

Packed dimensions:  1590 x 640 x 250 mm


Iron Baltic plastic snow plow blade to complete a plow kit with push tubes (to order separately):

20.6200 Front.mount push tubes
20.6400 Front-mount push tubes (narrow mount)
20.7400 UTV Front-mount push tubes
04.200 Mid-mount push tubes
04.700 Mid-mount push tubes for tracks fitted ATV.

Vehicle model specific mid-mount or front-mount adapter required for installation (to order separately).

    • Durable HD plastic construction plow with steel parts, suitable for clearing snow or pushing sand, dirt, gravel etc.
    • Working height adjustment via sliding shoes.
    • Width 1520 mm / 60 in & Height approx 550 mm
    • Corrosion, paint scratches / defects and dent free plow option.
    • Extra slippery inner surface to improve snow roll-off
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