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Plow bucket 1280mm

Plow bucket 1280mm

Brand:  IB

Material:  Steel

Surface:  Powder coated / galvanized

Working width:  1280 mm

Capacity:  50 kg

Weight:  99.21 lbs

Packed dimensions:  1370 x 415 x 150 mm


Bucket kit 1280mm with mechanical tilting.

Product kit consists of the following parts (packed as 2 packing units):
04.100 Plow blade 1280mm
20.6600 Bucket conversion kit
20.6620 Mechanical tilting kit

In order to complete a full bucket kit (ready to install your vehicle) you also need ATV / UTV model-specific front mount adapter and adapter compatible front mount quick attach push tubes (part number 20.6200 or 20.6400 or 20.7400).


  • Simple installation - easy on / easy off.
  • Loading / unloading by ATV winch.
  • Dump release is operable from the driver´s seat.
  • Full, detailed user instructions and the mounting hardware included.
  • Automatic locking system when loading the bucket.
  • Capacity - volume 130 L / 34 gal.
  • Ideal for carry snow, wood chips, much, etc.
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