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Secondary clutch helix 40

Secondary clutch helix 40






CFORCE 450/520-L (-2021)

CFORCE 450/520-S (-2021)

CFORCE 625 (-2022)

CFORCE 625 (2023+)

CFORCE 625 Touring (-2022)

CFORCE 625 Touring (2023+)


Billet aluminium


1.32 lbs

Packed dimensions:

160 x 130 x 70 mm

Secondary clutch helix (40 degree) to use with vehicles such as CFMOTO CFORCE 450 / 520 / 625 with 28" tyres and clutch / variator upgrade kit installed with the CVTech LP3 Driven Clutch.

Optimal power transmission when using large wheels or mud wheels.

In the secondary clutch, a helix / spring combination is used to generate belt squeezing and up shifting forces.

Helixes and secondary springs are calibrated to balance the pull from the belt created by engine torque plus the up shift force generated by the primary clutch at a point where the engine will shift out at a constant rpm.

    • To use when larger / heavyweight tyres fitted on ATV
    • Requires also stage 1 or stage 2 clutch / variator upgrade kit installarion for proper outcome
    • Comes with installation / user manual
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