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Tank Trailer / Pallet Trailer     Code: 91.1000

Tank Trailer / Pallet Trailer Code: 91.1000



Brand: IB

Material:  Steel

Surface:  Powder painted

Capacity:  600 kg

Tyres:  22 x 11 - 8'

Weight:  233.69 lbs

Product dimensions:  2200 x 1400 x 600 mm

Packed dimensions:  1270 x 950 x 480 mm


Multi-functional trailer to use with small tractors and all terrain vehicles (ATV / UTV).

Trailer´s carrier frame takes 800 x 600 mm size pallet (not included) to carry different kind of loads or IBC 600 container (not included) for watering, drinking water or other liquids and fluids.

Separately available are watering pipe (p/n 91.1030) and drinking trough 55L (p/n 91.1020) - as optional extra.



  • Strong steel construction
  • Base frame for installation of a standard IBC 600 container (container NOT included!)
  • Base frame for the 800 x 600 mm pallet (pallet not included) to carry various load.
  • Tie-down rings for straps to secure the loaded cargo
  • Support legs for safe parking
  • Additional drinking trough 55L (91.1020)
  • Additional watering pipe (91.1030)
  • Adjustable drinking trough height
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